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Large pieces of text no doubt play a great role in search engine optimization and were till date the only means of explaining about a product, a service or the company as a whole. However, after reading a piece of text only around 10 percent of the entire knowledge is retained by the customer while he makes a purchase. This also affects the sales figures in a big way. An Explainer Video is seen as a great alternate to the lengthy pieces of text and can explain all the details in a matter of minutes, business video production.

An Explainer video is prepared by an animated video production company and can be an effective way to explain and market about the product.

Benefits of Using an Explainer Video

There are a number of great benefits as related to an Explainer videos and includes

  • Increased Website Traffic: A video created by an animated video production company is able to explain all the details in a matter of minutes and in turn is able to raise interest in the customer. This results in more visits to the website and more enquiries. Explainer Videos can also be a great aid in search engine optimization. A number of videos appear on the first page of any search these days.
  • Explainer Videos are also a great way to increase the brand awareness, exposure and page views.
  • Cost Effective: Explainer Videos are really cost effective and have the capability of reaching a much wider target base at much less expense.
  • Studies reveal that a customer spends almost twice as much time on a website with video than a text based site.

Points to Keep In Mind

Certain important points must be kept in mind to ensure that the video does the job it is intended to do.

Short and Simple

The first thing is to ensure that the video is simple to understand and is not overloaded with unnecessary information. Secondly, the video should be short and precise. You do not want the video to be too lengthy that the customer gets bored and looses interest.

Emotion and Client Connection

Connection with the customer’s mind is always a very important point to consider and creativity plays a major role in this. The video should be interesting, fun and interactive in order to get the maximum benefit.

Special Effects

The video must also be visually appealing and use of graphics and animation in a creative manner can be the perfect way to create the interest.